Small Group

  • Our Small Group ministry has begun for our Autumn Season.

    There are four DVD series being taught.
    Contact the Church Office for details regarding times and locations.


    Group Questions

    From "Scripture Alone" - Sunday, December 3, 2017


    1. The phrase "Scripture Alone" holds that the Bible is the sole infallible rule for our faith and practice. Why is the truth of "Scripture Alone" so important?

    2a. Martin Luther spoke out against church traditions. Are all traditions that are not found in Scripture wrong? Name some of our/your traditions that are held and practiced.

    2b. When do you know that traditions have crossed the line and become unbiblical?


    3a. The institutionalized church held a monopoly on theology. If one had a question they would find their answer at the church. Can you see any benefit from such a system?

    3b. What are the tragic consequences?


    4a. For the institutionalized church, the thought of Luther printing a Bible was frightening. It would mean that the common man could interpret it for themselves and possibly develop all manner of false teachings and heresies. Is the doctrine of "Sola Scriptura" dangerous?

    4b. Are there benefits?


    5. What are some ways that the doctine of "Scripture Alone" is being challenged today?